Tech and How You Can Get Into the Flow

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There is so much going on in the tech world right now, so much that underdeveloped countries are latching onto it as well. This is a good thing but we have observed that oftentimes, people jump into the flow not knowing how to navigate the tide. For some, they end up on the solid ground. For others, they hit rock bottom and give up. If you’re just starting your tech journey, read till the end to find out the best hacks to have a smooth sail.

  • Take some time to research

Easy now, the research doesn’t have to be something deep at all. Just take some time to ask your best friend (AKA Google) what Tech is and some areas in tech. You’re going to find more information than you need, which is fantastic! This will broaden your horizon. You can make a list of the ones that catch your fancy. Pick them one after the other and look into them. At the end of your search, you should be able to speak on the list you have. You should be able to speak on “what problems they solve and what tools they use in solving these problems”.

Hindsight #1: It broadens what you already know and grants you clarity on grey areas. In the long run, you’re quickly separated from the crowd. Now, that’s a good start!

  • Now, jump into the flow

If the day is hot and you need to cool off, one of the many options to do that is simply jumping into a pool of water. Now, to jump into the flow of tech, you need to also find a pool of techies (a fancy way of calling people in tech 😉). Regardless of the list you’ve made in #1 above, you can find people in that space. If they are not around you in person, you will find them online.

Hindsight on #2: At some point, your tech journey will make you feel hot and at that moment, you’re going to need a pool to cool off. Capeesh? 

  • It’s time to get your hands dirty

Often times than not, any group of techies you join will be filled with different people in different specialties. Due to this, there is an inflow of ideas, resources and peer-to-peer learning. Jump on these resources and make maximal use of the people resource you have too. Implement what you learn, share them and take feedback. RINSE & REPEAT. You wanted to get in the flow, now you’re in the flow. Don’t just stand around, get busy. 

Hindsight on #3: It helps you gain confidence in any niche you choose and you can begin to set yourself up for opportunities. (whispers, your first client may even be in the group you join 🤫)

  • When you get stuck, always remember to ask for help

You’re not the first to jump into the flow, you certainly won’t be the last. The advantage is having people who have gone ahead of you. You can learn from their mistakes, re-produce their results and master their hacks. Maybe the help you need is their motivation, their inspiration, it can be as immaterial in as much as it can be material. Unless you shut yourself out, you’re never alone on your tech journey. Some misuse this pool of resources but I’m sure you’re smarter than that. 

Hindsight on #4: The more you learn to ask for help, the more you find out people are willing to help. 

That will be all for now. Off you go, I wish you an enjoyable sail. 😊👋

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