How to Find and Join Active Tech Communities

Have you been lagging in your tech journey and can’t seem to grow? Community involvement is one of the most significant ways to overcome this! 

When you are in a community, there is a rubbing off of several values from connecting with like-minded individuals. In a community, you meet potential mentors and collaborators. In communities, you build lifelong relationships and you are more open to resources that boost personal growth and exposure. You also get extrinsic support and motivation from community members at any point you are stuck.

How do I find active Tech communities?

  • Use search engines and social media platforms: 

Start by using search engines like Google to find tech communities. You can use keywords like “tech communities,” “coding groups,” or “design community”. Search for tech communities on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram (you would mostly find resources here due to their cloud-based platform). Look for groups related to your interests, and join them to stay updated on their events and discussions.

  • Make use of Eventbrite for Tech events around you

Eventbrite is known to be a platform for event management and ticketing. Event organizers use it to create and promote their events. Prospective attendees are able to search for these events on the platform and register right there.

You can browse Eventbrite for tech-related events, such as conferences, meetups, or hackathons. These are excellent opportunities to network with individuals in the industry.

  • Online Forums

Platforms such as Reddit and Quora are goated for their niched forums that help individuals connect from all over the world. You can join these forums and be a beneficiary of shared knowledge and resources.

  • Ask around

You can also find communities by simply asking friends and colleagues around you. You don’t know until you ask. Weigh the recommendations, and try them out. It’s important that the community enhances your growth. So, try them out and when you find the perfect fit for you, be an active member.

Some icing on the cake. . .

Don’t join only communities of your interests or track. Ensure you join a cross-track community, and be an active member of the community as this would help your versatility, online presence and networking opportunities with talents from different tracks. 

This is very essential because, in the workplace, you would have to interact with people of different tracks to get things done. Cross-tracking communities will help you understand their lingo and slang. It will help you connect with them and make their jokes relatable, thereby making you a sabi-person whenever you interact.

One of these communities is The GIT Africa Community. A community where we are all about helping you start and grow your career in tech. It is a convergence of bright minds and and a pool of immeasurable resources to smoothen your tech journey.

Join right in from here

Lastly, finding communities via search engines like Google and other social platforms might not be an easy task and we have identified this problem and provided a solution to it.

Using Talnts App, you could find, add and recommend trusted communities across different tracks. You would also see our cross-track community of tech talents of different levels of proficiency [ranging from beginners to experts]. I’d not be spilling the juicy features here.

Signup and get access to these communities and more!

Here is to growth, Cheers 🎊 🥂

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