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Get Into Tech – Choosing A Career Path

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About Course

We set a goal to help mint 500,000+ new tech talents in Africa and across the globe over the next 5 years.
In solving to achieve this, we’ve noticed that many beginners start their journey in tech without having a clear approach to choosing the best career path for themselves.

Many spend their first 3 – 18 months switching tracks which could have been better used to grow skill and competence in a rightly chosen track.

In this Bootcamp, we help you understand;

  • Whether choosing a tech career is best for you now
  • What career paths are available in the tech space
  • The different requirements for those career paths
  • How to choose a path that matches your skillset, passion and personality.
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Course Content

Tech is the future
Understand why tech is the future and why you should consider a building career in tech

  • Why should I get into tech?
  • What are the opportunities in tech?
  • https://youtu.be/ozmSKJz77WA
  • Quiz: Tech is the future

Choosing a career path in tech

Launch your career in tech
You have explored the various parts of tech you can venture into. To give you better insight, we asked a couple of experienced tech professionals in these tracks; Front-end development, Back-end Development, UI/UX Design, Product Management and Data Analytics to give a short description of what they do in their various fields.Remember to have an open mind while watching them and don't limit yourself to these 5 tracks so you make the best decision. Goodluck!

Soft skills
Beyond having technical skills, soft skills are a must-have for every tech talent. You need to have soft skills to grow and thrive in the tech space because you would be using them in your day-to-day interactions. Unlike technical skills, you don't need any formal training to develop them. The next conversation highlights how important soft skills are and how you can improve on them.

Congratulations to you! You made it to the end of the course. We hope you have gotten more clarity about what the tech space is all about and what path you should follow. We have a community of tech talents across different skill levels i.e beginner, intermediate and experts to help you get a smooth entry into the tech space and build a strong foundation. To be a member of this community, kindly click here; https://chat.whatsapp.com/F7qSbZ7TL5OI4zzRG7jhh4 We also prepared a library of valuable resources to help you kickstart your learning process. Here you go - https://docs.google.com/document/d/11hHNiLgxrMKqiUm7u99BR04l5C0_mICn7tusrnVcVMU/edit?usp=sharing

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