GIT Africa

Open Tech School For Africa's Future

Our vision is to inspire and guide the next billion Africans (home & diaspora) into tech.


GIT Africa is a one-stop hub to inspire Africans, help them start, and help them grow a career in tech

Our Audience

Are you a student, recent graduate, working professional, or without formal education, and you want to change the narrative and build a future full of hope?

Do you want an opportunity to learn globally in-demand skills and secure a better career and financial future for yourself?

Do you want a career where you can solve painful problems for billions of people at the same time?

Are you tired of traditional job roles with low income and want to transition into a more fulfilling career path?

Why choose a tech career?

  • It has low entry requirements

  • It is applicable to all sectors (edtech, fintech, health, etc.)

  • It gives you power to impact more people in your career

  • It gives you a higher earning power

  • It gives you flexibility and better work-life balance

All in one place

We bring all the support, resources, and community you need to be inspired, to start, and to build a thriving tech career all in one place

Getting Started




Getting Started

We help you understand the tech space and make the best choice in choosing a career in the tech space


We are designing free training bootcamps to help you learn the necessary skills in your chosen career path.
We’ll also partner with multiple industry leaders to bring you targeted paid training to help you grow faster


We manage a community for beginner and intermediate talents collaboratively building their career in tech. We host weekly sessions to help them grow and we share information, job opportunities, and resources that are relevant to their journey.


We’ll be publishing a ton of resources in the coming months that helps more and more people across Africa get started and navigate their career in tech.


Let us make Africa the talent headquater of the world

Africa has the largest population of young people in the world. If we can mass-empower them with tech skills, they would become the leading workforce for the world in the future of work

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Get Into Tech Africa is a social enterprise that focuses on getting thousands of Africans into tech careers through their programs, resources and community.

No. We are  a for-profit social enterprise. 80% of our programs and initiatives are free so as to achieve our social mission.

We however release some paid programs and initiatives to serve higher quality to our learners and sustain our growth from our revenue. We are actively open to support, sponsorship, and partnerships to help us achieve our goal. –

We offer a variety of programs and resources to help individuals start a career in tech. Our programs are majorly  beginner-level courses and Bootcamps that provide hands-on experience. We also offer resources in different formats, such as blog posts, eBooks, and webinars, to help learners gain knowledge and skills in various tech fields.

Yes we have free courses that are available for you. We also offer a few paid training programs

The benefits of participating in our programs and community are numerous. Our programs provide learners with the skills and knowledge they need to start a career in tech, while our community offers a supportive network of like-minded individuals who can offer guidance, support, and feedback. Additionally, learners can access exclusive job opportunities, networking events, and industry insights.

 We offer both free and paid programs to cater to learners of different backgrounds and skill levels. Our free programs include online courses and resources, while our paid programs range from bootcamps to mentorship programs. The cost of our paid programs varies depending on the program’s length, format, and curriculum. We also offer scholarship opportunities for learners who may not be able to afford our programs.

We offer career support to our members through various channels, such as job placement assistance, access to experts and valuable resources.  We have highly experienced professionals in your desired tech fields who can offer guidance and advice to aid your learning journey.

All of our resources are available and accessible on our website. We just launched and we’ll continue to upload more learning resources to our website on a regular basis